“Our year end appeal needed help. We engaged Parris in the planning stages and they provided ideas and guidance throughout the process. The result – record ROI on the effort.”

Director of Annual Giving, Nashville TN


The Choreograph Suite of Services is a collection of IDEAS and SOLUTIONS designed to enhance RESULTS. The suite includes planning, implementation, mult- or omnichannel touches, tracking and analysis. The collection of services have grown from the needs of our clients and are designed to enhance your acquisition, retention, renewal and ROI.  

The Choreograph Suite Includes:

Strategic Planning

Sometimes there is no substitute for an unbiased third party view. We do this everyday with multiple clients and industries. The fresh perspective allows us to see opportunities our clients might overlook.

Annual Planning and Budgeting

Let us help you plan your annual program and budget. Sometimes the holistic comprehensive view provides insights for improvement.  We provide new ideas in a cafeteria-style model so you can play what-if and create the perfect plan.

Multichannel or Omnichannel

Your message is exponentially stronger with multiple touches across multiple channels. We use mail tracking and mail-to-online links to provide a personalized sticky experience. 

QR Connect

The QR Code is back thanks to new technology built into your phone. A recent survey at a major university reports students prefer QR to Snapcodes. We use QR Connect to provide omnichannel personalized experiences.

Variable Content

Leverage your data to deliver a personal experience. Old is a shotgun blast to millions. New is a lazer-targeted personalized effort to thousands. Maximize results by leveraging your data.


Don’t guess, KNOW. We engage in Multivariate and AB testing and provide analytics to give you answers. We worked with Universities to develop a dashboard of metrics to fine tune your ROI.

What’s Different Between Multichannel and Omnichannel Marketing?

Amir Khan, Marketing and Growth Hacking

First, we need to understand exactly what multichannel marketing is to grasp how it’s different from omnichannel marketing.

Think of multichannel marketing as a large octopus. The head is the brand, and the tentacles reach out to several different channels to get a message out.

However, none of those tentacles communicate with others. The brand knows what each of them is doing, but one tentacle handling Facebook, for example, doesn’t know what another tentacle handling Google is up to.

In contrast with omnichannel marketing, which is more like an interlocking web. Each channel responds to the way that a customer engages with another, and the rest of them adapt accordingly.

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