We’re looking to add a Print Designer to our team.

Do you have layout experience in InDesign? Are you a Photoshop ninja? Are your bezier curves as smooth as Tennessee whiskey? If this sounds like you, you might be who we’re looking for.

We’re looking to hire a Print Designer/Prepress Operator with excellent typography skills. The ideal candidate is a versatile individual that brings a lot to the team. The candidate should be somewhat tech-savvy. They should be able to troubleshoot their own computer problems, have experience with Macs and PCs, and have excellent written commuciation skills.

Job Summary
  • Manage design projects from start to finish, working with clients via email and phone.
  • Preflight, manipulate, proof and plate art to the job’s print specifications.
  • Work closely with Salesmen, Account Executives, and clients, effective communication skills and maintaining a good attitude under high stress situations.
  • Continually educate yourself on ever changing software and the production workflow, actively looking for improvement opportunities and keeping your skill set current.
  • Catch mistakes, but also meet production deadlines.
Responsibilities and Duties
  • Edit and preflight PDFs against printing standards in Adobe Acrobat using it’s native preflight tools as well as Enfocus’ Pitstop Pro plugin and Heidelberg’s PDF Toolbox plugin.
  • Edit and preflight art against printing standards in Adobe InDesign.
  • Create and assemble art per customer’s request using tools from Adobe’s Creative Cloud.
  • Imposition customer’s art per job’s specifications using Heidelberg’s Prinect Signa Station.
  • Proof customer’s art per job’s specifications.
  • Plate customer’s art per job’s specifications.


  • 401k with a $0.25 match on the $1, up to 6% of pay check. 21 years of age to use, after 1 year
  • Health insurance options, Dental, Short Term and Long Term disability plus Life. All different providers.
  • Paid Vacation after 90 days, starting on 1st day of work.
    • 1 Week 0-2 Years
    • 2 Weeks 2-9 Years
    • 3 Weeks 9-18 Years
    • 4 Weeks 18+
  • 2 year art degree or greater
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Existing prepress knowledge a plus
  • Color management knowledge a plus
  • Excellent language and communication skills
  • Ability to deal professionally with stressful situations
  • Type by touch